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The Third Rail is the rail through which electric current is supplied to a train. In politics, the phrase Third Rail is a metaphor that refers to a “charged” or “untouchable” and often avoided topic. While manufacturers make countless promises about the life changing applications and amazing features of your new Smartphone, very rarely do they mention the issue of battery life required in order to sustain these applications and features. We have made it our mission to address the “Third Rail” of the consumer electronics industry head on.

At Third Rail, our belief is that simple, yet excellent, functional design can and does make consumers lives better. Our technically innovative products allow our customers to utilize their mobile devices as they are designed to be used. Combining the best creative, design, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing capabilities on the planet, enables our company to make this happen. We are passionate about our customers; and about our company, products, and people and will continuously strive to deliver what our customers need.

Founded in 2010, Third Rail leverages years of experience and success to create world class solutions to world class problems.

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