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TRIO for iPhone 4/4S with Removable Smart Battery

  • Ultimate 3 in 1 Solution - sleek protective case always, power case when needed, universal backup battery for your other devices
  • Travel Lightly - Unlike traditional bulky power cases, add battery only when you need it and remove it when you don’t
  • Universal Charger - Use FUEL to power 100s of other devices
  • Thinnest battery enabled case on the market
  • Road Warrior? - Have multiple batteries on hand (sold separately) and swap them out for longer periods away from outlets
Availability: Ships in 1-2 business days
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  • The Third Rail™ System includes the Slim Case for iPhone 4 with a slide-on Smart Battery. Understanding that your daily power needs may vary, The System allows you to add power when you need it and remove it when you don’t!

    The Slim Case is a sleek, everyday protective case with a high quality, soft-touch feel. The Smart Battery can also function as a standalone backup battery to power other devices via USB Adapter (included).

  • Ultimate Flexibility

    Daily power usage may vary - we feel that your solution should vary with it. The Third Rail System gives you the power to choose when/where/how to add additional power to your everyday protective Slim Case.

    Hot Swap on the Go

    For every day usage, we recommend that you attach one battery to the Slim Case at a time. No need to stack multiple on your case- simply swap out for fully charged ones on the go. However, for convenient charging from a single power source, you may stack your Smart Batteries on your Slim Case and charge everything from the micro USB on your case.

    Share your Power

    The Third Rail™ Slim Case is compatible with all Third Rail™ Smart Batteries so you can easily share Smart Batteries among family, friends, and coworkers.

    Complete Coverage

    Durable hard-shell protection with a soft touch coating provides access to all iPhone 4 features.

    Power Wherever You Are

    Keep Smart Batteries in your pocket, bag, or car for convenient power anytime.

    Power When You Want It

    The integrated on/off switch on the Slim Case allows you to choose when you want power to flow from your Smart Battery to your iPhone. Simply flip the switch on the bottom left of your Slim Case to change it between stand-by mode (red) and charging mode (black).

    Please Note: when charging your iPhone and Smart Battery together via a power source, the position of the switch does not affect the charging of your devices.

    Universal Power Solution

    Using your Smart Battery, charge your mobile phone, Bluetooth headset, MP3 player, gaming device, etc. using micro USB Adapter (included).

    Future Proof

    Smart Batteries are compatible with existing and future Third Rail™ cases, eliminating the need to purchase new charging accessories or battery cases with each new mobile phone purchase.

    Apple Certified

    Officially a "Made for iPhone 4" product.

  • How is the Slim Case different than a traditional protective case?

    The Slim Case doubles as a traditional protective case and, when needed, a power case. The Slim Case is the thinnest battery enabled case on the market and allows you to conveniently add a Smart Battery to your device when you need it and remove it when you don’t!

    Will this case work with all iPhone 4 models?

    Yes, this case is designed to work with all models of the iPhone 4.

    Can I charge and sync my iPhone without removing my case?

    Yes! You can charge/sync your iPhone using the included micro-USB cable.

    What are the two ports on the Smart Battery?

    Your Smart Battery features a USB-In port, labeled "IN", to provide charge to the Smart Battery and a USB-Out port, labeled "OUT", to provide charge to a variety of other devices.

    What is the best way to charge both my Smart Battery and my iPhone?

    Using one outlet, you can charge both your iPhone and your Smart Battery. Simply plug the included micro USB cord into the USB port on the Slim Case, attach a Smart Battery and charge on! You can even charge other devices (i.e. Bluetooth headset) via the USB-out on the Smart Battery using the same outlet to create the ultimate powerhub.

    What are the three gold rails on my Slim Case and Smart Battery?

    We have created the unique Third Rail™ System to seamlessly transfer power without the need for cords. When you attach a Smart Battery to your Slim Case, power is seamlessly transferred via the gold rails.

  • Slim Case

    4.96 in x 2.43 in x 0.46 in; 0.85 oz

    Smart Battery

    3.29 in x 1.83 in x 0.27 in; 1.4 oz

    Battery Capacity

    1250 mAh lithium-ion polymer battery

    Package Contents

    Slim Case for iPhone 4, Smart Battery, Micro-USB Cable, USB Adapter, User's Manual

    Case Compatibility

    Works with every iPhone 4, iPhone not included

  • Download Third Rail User Manual

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